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Woo (~-3-)~ Aiden's (my oc's) 24th birthday is today!
Happy Pride Month~!!!
I plan to do my other two characters next (this took a lot longer than I thought, but I like how it turned out nice ^^)
Happy Pride Month~ "((\(^3^)/))
MAMA by J-Hope is making me cry ;3; (I didn't even know the lyrics until now and I still got the feels)
My Children~
The Sims 4 has consumed my life ever since i found out how to use cc. These are my beautiful children Destiny and Kai ;u;
The Gelatlas

Caramell Coffee Gelatla by Christmascornat
pronounced (ju-lōt-lu)

* (Average) Height: 15.24 cm (6 in.)-121.92cm (4 ft.)
*Weight: 3.5 ounces - 1120 cm (70 lbs.)
*Lifespan: Gelatlas live as long as they are kept cold. If they melt they can be rechilled in 2 hours.
Diet: They eat what they are flavored with. For example, Chocolate gelatlas eat chocolate based foods. Gelatlas cannot eat hot foods, but they can eat spicy foods.
Discovered/Created by: 
Food Science Professor Elliot 

Origin of Name/Discovery:

Food Science Professor Elliot discovered the gelatlas while looking for a way to make gelato more pet friendly. He found them inside the walk-in freezer of his lab. 
The gelatlas managed to escape before he could examine them to see how his gelati had managed to come to life or if they had always existed.

It is unknown how long gelatlas have been in existence, but they were believed to have existed around the creation of gelato which is also not exactly known.
Gelatlas lived in cold climates near the northern parts of Canada and in Greenland. They then began in make their way to other countries in The late 1800s,but remained secluded amongst themselves while picking up the language of the country they reside in. Gelatlas only revealed themselves to children, because they believed they were less likely to see them as harmful supernatural beings or as test subjects.
After their discovery and introduction to humans, they began to be adopted as "pets" or companions for their owners.
Appearance and Personality:
Gelatlas all need time to warm up to humans and can be aggressive or fearful of them at first, but they like human children, other gelatlas, and are known to like people people that make sweets. The amount of time it takes to get close to the gelatlas depends on their personality.
Other than their relationship with humans, they each have their own personalities. 
Gelatlas have hair that drips, but the droplets are suspended within the air and can have different toppings. The warmer they are the more ice cream like their hair becomes. They also shrink and resemble a melted ice cream serving as they melt. Gelatlas are able to defend themselves with their own unique power based on their flavoring or flavor origin. They can have flavors varying from sweet to savory.
(more info in the gelatla template soon to be made)
They are scattered across the globe because of adoption or companionship, but they tend to say near their place of origin or where their family grew up.

The gelatlas used to have their own language that later disappeared as time went on. Some of the elderly gelatlas are still fluent n this language, but learning it would take n entire lifetime like humans would learn grew words as the grew older.

Intelligence and Emotional Capacity: 
Gelatlas are capable of human thought and emotions and strive for a little above the average IQ of human being,but will not put other gelatlas down for having a lower IQ (unless their just a bad person. Not all gelatlas are nice or always happy).

Gelatlas reproduce making their own gelato (its weird but that's how hey do it). The gelato doesn't start out as a living being, but the gelatla will put some of their life energy into their child. During this time, they are very weak and can melt easily depending on the gelatla, so they will need to pt extra effort into maintaining their temperature and condition. Gelatlas can reproduce asexually over a period of 4 months.

They can die if you manage to melt them and keep them that way until they spoil.


New Species Template © Jezni


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